About Baranti
Baranti is a developing tourist center located in the lap of Gorongi Hill


Baranti is a small tribal village in the Santuri (community development block) in the Raghunathpur subdivision of the Purulia district in the Indian state of West Bengal. It is situated beside Baranti Lake. This is a growing but quiet tourist spot.

Palashbari Ecological Resort in Purulia some distance 1 Km where you can enjoy the sunset over the Baranti Dam 15min stroll from Palashbari by foot

Baranti is a developing tourist center located in the lap of Gorongi Hill. This village is surrounded by the Panchkot Hill at one side and the Biharinath Hill on the other, with a water reservoir under Ramchandrapur Medium Irrigation Project. This area is popular for hill and jungle trekking due to its natural environment.[13] Garh Panchkot is only 12 km away, and Joychandi Pahar just 21 km away from Baranti.[14] Biharinath, the Araku Valley of Bengal is just 18 km from Baranti. The place has been aptly described in The Telegraph, "right in the lap of a hilly range with a huge water reservoir...Sunset is particularly special in Baranti. The lake keeps changing colour from time to time. It’s a real treat for the eyes to sit and watch the various shades of yellow and red reflected on the water and quietly spreading out on to the paddy fields... The huge water body around the dam attracts a lot of migratory birds every winter