About Resort

Ecoresort, get close to Nature

The Resort having 7 Bighas of landscape and 1600 Palash Trees has a romantic red view during the spring season (specially in the month of March) which one can enjoy from the window and the verndah of each room of the resort. One gets overwhelmed with such a fascinating beauties and serenity which develop the urge to visit PALASHBARI again and again. If you are interested in wild life and nature study, please drop in to INCREDIBLE PALASHBARI whether it is for a weekend or for a longer duration.

Our Amenities

Aquagaurd Filter - Drinking Water
7 No.s Basic Double Rooms
1 No.s basic 6 beded Dormitory Room
2 No.s Basic Triple Mud House Rooms
Geysers in 8 Bed Rooms
3000 Litre Water Tank
1 No Dinning Room - 16 Seaters
2 No.s Dhaba Khattiyas
Organic Farming or Seasonal Vegetables

Not Valid For Bookings Less Than 3 Days

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