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Baranti is a small, quiet and scenic place. There is a 1/2 km long irrigation project dam, located between two small hillocks, Muradi Hill and Baranti Hill. Baranti is in the vicinity of Ramchandrapur Irrigation Project. A grand view of the reservoir from Baranti. It is part of the wonderful Rarh countryside and wonderful picnic spot. The stand-till water of the Baranti reservoir look like a large blue tinted glass mirror reflecting the vast expanse of sky over it. The view of the sunset with the lake on the ground is breathtaking. You must also experience the moonlit night around the reservoir. The surface of the static water turns into a shiny silvery plate gifted by God. The water reservoir is being used for irrigation purpose and also for supplying drinking water to the local villages. The Panchkot Hill is situated on one side and the Biharinath Hill, on the other. The area is shrouded with trees like Sal, Mahua, Piyal, Palash etc. The forest is the abode of faunas like Rabbits, Porcupines, Wild Boars, Foxes, Wolves and Dears. The reservoir swarms with with seasonal birds. Coos of birds in the forest are worth remembering. Baranti is ideal for Eco-Rural_tourism. If you are a lover of nature beauty, then you must have a trip to Baranti, which is the address of purest form of nature.
The metropolitans are unaware of the spring. Unaware of the beauties of the spring, a visit to Baranti during spring time provides its every visitor a view of Plash the natures beautiful crimson palate seems to come alive here in this little village of Baranti
Although residing in the Chotonagpur plateau where the monsoon doesn't seem to shed much love but however seems to be very kind to this little village turning it lush green during monsoon.
The winter marks the ingress of the migratory birds who seem to travel from the far far north, a scene of their gathering is very synonymous to any office conference. The dry deciduous forest of Baranti shows completely different version of nature


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Ecoresort, get close to Nature



  • It has an average height of 509FT
  • It is the only Dormant Volcano in India
  • It has more than 500+ Stairs to go up
  • 360 Degree Panoramic View of Purulia from top
  • Jaichandi & Hanuman Temples are there at the top
  • Major Attraction for Rock Climbing
  • It is 20KMS from Baranti


  • Group of 3 Hills made Bero Hill
  • It is 20KMS from Baranti


  • Highest Hill (1481FT) of Bankura District
  • Old Shiva Temple of Biharinath is nearby
  • Biharinath is known as Araku of West Bengal
  • It is 60KMS from Bankura Town
  • It is 25KMS from Baranti


  • Second Highest(1442FT) Hill of Bankura District
  • Famous for Natural Spring - Dhara
  • Lion shape rock in front of Waterfalls - Narasimha
  • Major Attraction for Rock Climbing & Trekking
  • Stone Inscription of King Chandra Varman
  • It is 42KMS from Baranti


  • At the Foothill of Panchokote Hill(2200FT)
  • Ruins of Fort made by King of Panchokot
  • It is 20KMS from Baranti


  • Located at Panchet, Jharkhand
  • Constructed across Damodar River
  • It is 25KMS from Baranti


  • Located at Maithon, Jharkhand
  • It is 15712FT Long & 165FT High
  • It generates 60,000KW of Electricity
  • It has a Underground Power Station
  • Famous for Boating & Picnic
  • It is 35KMS from Baranti


  • The Temple is 6 km away from the Maithon Dam.
  • The Temple was erected in the early 1900s.
  • Kalyaneshwari is a 500-year old centre of Shakti worship.
  • The present temple was constructed by Panchakot Raj.
  • It is believed to fulfill the wishes of childless women
  • It is 41KMS from Baranti

Ayodhya Hill

  • It has an average height of 2850FT
  • It is 66KMS from Baranti
  • Bamni Falls, Turga Falls
  • Charida Village, Pakhi Pahar
  • Khairabera Dam, Upper Dam, Lower Dam